Forex Blogging – How to Get Started

Forex Blogging – How to Get Started Why Trade Forex with a Forex Blog? The free market provides the day trader with the ability to speculate on changes in specific economies or even specific currencies around the globe. Secondly, you also have the interchanging pairs stemming from the various eight major world currencies. All of […]

How to Find the Best Free Low Cost Forex Signal Providers

Forex signals are primarily generated by manual signal generators. Automated forex signals are usually published by foreign exchange trading software developed by pro traders in collaboration with professional code developers. They usually leverage various technical indicators to predict trend patterns that they then transmit as real trade signals to brokers and investors. The process is […]

Analytics and Its Applications

Analytics is a scientific discipline whose scope is wide and deep. Analytics has three important components. These are data, models, and the decision theory itself. Data is obviously the most important part of analytics. Data is the basis of Analytics and it is obtained from any number of different sources and at varying times. This […]

Forex Signals Selection Criteria

Forex signals are simply a compilation of trading and analysis tips which are sent to your email daily to help you make the best use of any economic conditions occurring in the world at that particular time. The signal provider sends out this information when they feel that it is necessary to do so. Forex […]

The Use of Analytics

Analytics is basically the systematic analytical study of collected data analysis. It is mostly used for the analysis, diagnosis, and communication of useful patterns from data. As there are many uses of analytics, it is essential to understand what it actually is first before attempting to use it in your data analysis. It is basically […]

Why You Need Forex News

For new traders, forex trading signals are very helpful, because new traders can earn money with a minimal amount of risk while learning how to trade profitably in the forex market. Forex news is also useful, because since they can get in front of forex news before it’s known by the world, traders can be […]

Understanding Analytics

Understanding Analytics Analytics is a broad category of scientific inquiry that has been around for thousands of years. It consists of the study of natural phenomena and their relationships to human knowledge or behavior. It is commonly used for the observation, analysis, and analysis of statistical data. Analytics covers many fields such as biology, ecology, […]